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Nuts Tgl By Pangoro Hime D7a39k7 By Rhytimi-d7 by ChildishDawn Nuts Tgl By Pangoro Hime D7a39k7 By Rhytimi-d7 :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 1 1
The Dragon Slayer Comes.(FairyTail+Skyrim)
 A week ago at the Throat of the World.
"Ahh Dovahkiin, you have finally arrived.' said Paarthurnax
"Why have you called me here"" said the Dragonborn
"I am afraid that the "World Eater" has returned"
"But how! I thought I had banished him from this world" said the Dragonborn
"This world yes but not the other worlds." replied Paarthurnax
"The other worlds! there are other worlds?"
"yes and from one of those worlds he somehow re-entered our world" said Paarthurnax 
"Not only that he somehow managed to get an army of dragons"
"An army! How in the world will I be able kill him! while fighting an army of dragons!" said the Dragonborn
"I have a plan. In one of those worlds I heard about so called dragon slayers." replied Paarthurnax 
"We will send a request to one of those worlds and hope that they will help us."
At the Fairytail guild building
"Natsu look at what I found on request board!" said Happy flying at speed
"What's this" said Natsu grabbing t
:iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 1 1
Juvia's Birthday Wish
     Juvia never celebrated her birthday or had a birthday party for that matter, for she never had any friends to celebrate with.
However this all changed after she joined Fairy Tail.
"Hey, are you listening to me Juvia? Asked Lucy after noticing that Juvia wasn't eating
"Oh, I was just thinking about something." Juvia said staring at her food
"Let me guess is it about Gray?"
"No, it isn't about Gray-sama" Juvia replied shaking her head. 
"If it's not Gray, Than what is it about?" Said Lucy 
"Well my birthday is tomorrow and I want to have a small birthday party."
"What! Your birthday is tomorrow, why didn't you tell me earlier!"Lucy replied
"Cause, I never had a birthday party before." Said Juvia
"Don't you worry Juvia, I will help you. Come to my house tomorrow and I will set everything up." 
"Thank you so much." Juvia said as she hugged Lucy.
The very Next day. 
Juvia walked into Lucy's house and found a note on the table " Juvia just follow this
:iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 3 2
Water Fairy Oc for Mf by ChildishDawn Water Fairy Oc for Mf :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 0 0 Dawn Oc V2 by ChildishDawn Dawn Oc V2 :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 3 0 Is he Mr.Right GMF by ChildishDawn Is he Mr.Right GMF :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 0 0 A new OC a new Icon by ChildishDawn A new OC a new Icon :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 0 0 My new OC by ChildishDawn My new OC :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 0 0 My New ChildishDawn icon by ChildishDawn My New ChildishDawn icon :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 2 0 New icon (work in progress) by ChildishDawn New icon (work in progress) :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 2 0
Lucy X Natsu Real Feelings Part1
LucyXNatsu Real Feelings
Lucy was drinking with Cana when Cana asked .”Lucy is there anyone who you really like?”Lucy stared at her drink and replied “No I don't.” Cana looked at Lucy and said” Come on Lucy I know your lying to me so just tell me who it is.”Just as she said that Natsu walked in and asked “Lucy you want to go on a quest tomorrow? Just the two of us since Erza and Gray are both busy with their own quests.” “Sure Natsu” Lucy answered blushing scarlet red. “Lucy are you okay? You look like your not feeling well.” Natsu questioned.”No no I am okay Natsu I will see you tomorrow.” Lucy replied finishing her drink.”I guess but try not to drink too much.” Natsu said as he exited. Cana stared at Lucy”Well Lucy I guess I don't need an answer from you anymore.” “Wait what do you mean!” Lucy asked while jumping out of your chair.” Come on Lucy I have to be b
:iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 5 0
Fairy Tail Steam Punk Week 2
Fairy Tail Steam Punk Week 2 Tea Party Crashed
In deep the base of Sirens Melody.“Natsu wake up! Did you just listen to what I just said ?” yelled Makarov while hitting Natsu on the head.
”ya ya something about a raid on  Gorgons Head, So where and when am I going?” Natsu impatiently replied hoping to show them the power of Sirens Melody strongest fighter.
“Oh Natsu you never ever listen do you? What I was just saying was that this isn't a solo mission. You and Gray will be raiding together”
Natsu suddenly jumps up and gasped”What do you mean me and Gray! He's just going to hold me back.
”Gray gets up and objected “What do you mean I am going to be the one holding you back. It going to be you who is going to hold me back”
Makarov begins to get mad and punches both of them in the head.”Calm down both of you! I had enough of the two of you fighting. We are a team so start work together you two!
       As Natsu and Gray lea
:iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 1 0
Fallen Angel story board Part 1 by ChildishDawn Fallen Angel story board Part 1 :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 3 0 Angel vs Demon by ChildishDawn Angel vs Demon :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 1 4 My Second Bannedstory Icon by ChildishDawn My Second Bannedstory Icon :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 1 8 My First BannedStory icon by ChildishDawn My First BannedStory icon :iconchildishdawn:ChildishDawn 0 0

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Hey I Finally got a new Icon for my new OC (When I mean new OC I mean MONTH OLD)

Was too lazy to make my own icon for my oc so i stay with the old one until now 
I have an icon made by Yuni-co…

thanks so much for the new icon =D (i still don't know how to link another person Da on this website I FAIL)


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